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Taking Stock, Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

I like to start off each new year by reviewing all that I have accomplished and explored in the previous year. Life goes by pretty fast, as Ferris told us. It's easy to miss the miraculous while trying to find matching socks and pack lunches. For me, it's a spiritual practice just to take a breath and notice all the good that has transpired.

In 2018, I...

  • Graduated from ministerial school with my ministerial license and Master's Degree in Consciousness Studies

  • Served as Acting Co-Director of New Vision Center for Spiritual Living for 8 months, a post that continues into 2019, deepening a powerful, magical collaborative relationship with Rev. Karin

  • Helped to launch a wildly successful NVC Circles small group ministry

  • Poured love and attention into the Congregational Song Leading program at NVCSL

  • Launched the Sexy Spirituality podcast and co-hosted 17 episodes

  • Created or co-created five new classes

  • Facilitated 15 Healing Services

  • Delivered 11 sermons (talks, messages, whatever you like to call them)

  • Chaired the team that put together the most profitable Palooza (our special annual fundraiser show) in NVCSL history

  • Finished the first draft of an upcoming book

  • Started making art again, after a long hiatus

  • I spent special time with my hubby, my kids and my besties

  • Put a special effort into connecting with friends and loved ones all over the globe. Thank goodness for technology!

Whew, when I stop and think about it, I really accomplished a lot in 2018. I can see that I put real energy into the things that deeply matter to me, which is both exciting and reassuring. It turns out I really am the person I think I am! Good news!

When I take the time to see all that I have accomplished, it inspires me to dream about what 2019 will hold.

My intentions in 2019 are to...

  • Publish two books. (Go big or go home!)

  • Begin to serve on an international committee for Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Continue to serve New Vision Center as Co-Director for as long as I am needed

  • Grow the Sexy Spirituality podcast to touch 20 countries (we reach 10 currently)

  • Expand my coaching and teaching enterprise to touch as many lives as possible

  • Travel to see more of my beloveds in person

  • Go to Posi-Fest in Florida -- it's been too long!

  • Take a real vacation with my husband

  • Do some sprucing up around the house (de-clutter, new flooring, & the like)

I hope this inspires you to take stock of your year and dream about 2019. You are amazing, imaginative, powerful and courageous. There is not anything you cannot do. I believe in you. Spirit believes in you. Let's do this thing!

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