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Time Moves Fast

Time moves fast. I remember hearing adults sigh about that fact when I was a little kid, never knowing quite what the heck they were talking about. For me, as a child, time was sloooooooooooow. Every longed for date was forever away. Surely, I would never grow up and sit around the coffee table lamenting that time was moving too quickly. I must be immune to that fate.

Today is my youngest child's 22nd birthday. In some ways, he's still a round-faced curly-mopped cherub with the biggest grin. In others, he's the gangly teenager loyally helping out every Sunday in youth church. To the world he's the Creative Director of a tech start-up, coding late into the night, building his dream. How did time move so quickly as to blur my little Bob the Builder into the builder of digital worlds? In real life, when I look up from my work and become truly present, I see who he really is. Time moves fast, but Spirit is changeless and eternal. He's God in unique Creighton-shaped form, as are we all. And isn't that just amazing?


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