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Spiritual Principles are ideas or concepts that are always true, regardless of time or circumstances.  That's why I sometimes call them "true truths".  Unrelated to a specific religion or creed, they are the unchanging laws of the energetic Universe.  We can build our lives around these Principles, because we can always count on the wisdom they contain.

Some of my favorite examples include:

The Universe doesn't give you what you want.  It gives you what you are.

God (or Love) is all there is.

There is always more than enough.

What we focus on expands.

Principle is not bound by precedent.

The entire Universe is conspiring for my good.

Everything we see is a reflection of who we are.

The language of these Principles may be from Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins or many other beloved writers and teachers, but you will find similar statements of truth in faith traditions from all over the world.  That's because truth is truth in every language and in every country.  Living our lives based on these Spiritual Principles gives us something real in which to ground our thoughts, decisions and actions.

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