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Spiritual mentoring can help you change your life in powerful ways.  But don't take my word for it.  Listen to these folks who have experienced it for themselves:

"Lezli has been of great support to me, encouraging me to expand my spiritual path.  I have had and continue to have the blessed experience of working with Lezli as my spiritual mentor for some time.  I have found her to be so grounded in Truth that by just being in the same room with her, it deepens my connection to Truth.  Throughout our sessions, she has shown patience, understanding, an intuitive sense to assist in flushing out those nasty limiting beliefs even when I’m not even sure what they are myself and the loving reminder of who I really am.  I am always so full when I have finished a session with her and I’m always foot-tapping waiting in anticipation of the next one."

T., Phoenix, Arizona

"Lezli provides wonderful guidance and support in helping you uncover your stories and truths. She is steeped in spirit and her Ministry, always researching and learning, looking for deeper meaning. She is a role model for living your truth and inspires me to make no excuses for being who I am. I am grateful to have Lezli as a spiritual mentor."

P., Phoenix, Arizona

"As the recipient of your counseling, I truly benefit from just being in your presence.  It feels as if I can turn over all the soap opera dramas of my life to you and you always put them in the proper perspective for me.  You inspire me beyond words to be more authentic, trusting and loving.  When God poured your soul into you, She let it overflow and spill out your eyes.  You have the eyes of love."

L., Phoenix, AZ

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