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"Built on Faith" is Now Available!

I am so excited to announce that my new book, Built on Faith: Transform Your Life Through Affirmative Prayer is available in eBook and paperback!

Are you ready to build a life for yourself that really works? This book is about giving you the tools to do just that – to practice, refine and master affirmative prayer and use it every day to transform yourself and create the life of your dreams.. In this book, written by a spiritual mentor and minister in the New Thought movement, you’ll find: •The five Foundational Assumptions of affirmative prayer •Clear, easy-to-follow instructions on writing powerful affirmative prayers •What you need to know about praying for others, praying for groups and prayer partner relationships •A library of affirmative prayers written just for you

Whether you are a student just starting to learn affirmative prayer, a teacher looking for an excellent textbook for their prayer classes or a practitioner student seeking inspiration, this is the book for you.

Big thanks to everyone who helped (suggesting prayer topics, proof-reading, emotional support and buying a copy). I invite you to write a review on Amazon to let people know what you think of the book!

You can also buy the paperback in the New Vision Bookstore on Sundays

BuIlt on Faith by Lezli Goodwin

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