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One of Those Moments

There are just a few events we experience with the very real sensation that everything in our lives have led up to this moment. Today is one of those moments for me. Awake at 3:15 AM, I am absolutely alert and ready. Later this morning, I will sit for my licensing panels to (God willing) become an official minister with Centers for Spiritual Living.

After 3.5 years of graduate study.

After 7 years of advanced spiritual work.

After 11 years of exploring Science of mind.

After 19 years of dedicated meditation.

After 43 years of deep spiritual longing and searching.

When did the call come? When didn't the call come?!

And so, the gratitude:

For everyone who prayed with or for me.

For everyone who held me high even though they didn't understand my path.

For everyone who saw my highest truth.

For everyone who brought me down to Earth and helped me see my work.

For everyone who pushed me.

For everyone who invited me into play or rest.

For every teacher, formal or informal.

For every challenge that brought me deeper.

For every simple truth.

Whatever happens this morning, the universe is conspiring for my good. I absolutely know this to be true. Thank you for being a part of that universe for me.

Update: I passed.

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