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Sexy Spirituality

Sexy Spirituality Podcast, Real Spirituality for Modern Life

Folks, I'm pretty excited. To of my dear friends, Sonia Byrne and Kimjera Whittington, have joined me in creating a brand new podcast called Sexy Spirituality. We will be focusing on integrating spirituality into every area of life, like marriage, work, family, confidence, ego, success... We have a lot of ideas, so I suspect we will have plenty to talk about for a good long time. The first episode, What is Sexy Spirituality?, will post on Monday, September 3 at We've already recorded it, and it's sounding good!

If you are wondering what a podcast is, here you go: A podcast is a recorded audio show that is available for streaming or download on the internet. Podcasts range dramatically in length (Sexy Spirituality will be approximately 15 minutes per episode), format (SS has three co-hosts in open conversation, with the occasional guest panelist) and topic (SS will be about, we, sexy spirituality). You can find a podcast on it's own website, as well as in places like iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, though on the air date your best bet is going straight to the show website. (iTunes is famous for taking a few extra days to load new episodes.)

I can't wait to hear what you think about this fun new project. You can reach out to us directly at Your ideas just might make it onto a future episode!

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