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11 Things to Let Go Of in 2018

Happy New Year! Yesterday, Karin Lewis reminded us in her Sunday talk that 2018 is an 11 year. In numerology, each year has a number that means something specific. 11, the number for this year, is a Master Number, amplifying everything that happens -- deeper introspection, grander manifestations and greater love. As we enter this 11 year, I am reminded of my personal goal to do less and be so much more. In the combined spirit of all of this, here are my 11 Things to Let Go Of in 2018. I invite you to join me in releasing these in your life, too.

1. I let go of the idea that there is anything working against me. Anything at all, including work, school, people and even my own DNA. The entire universe is conspiring for my good, and that is the whole truth.

2. I let go of the idea that I have to manufacture value for myself, that I need to be useful and helpful in order to be wanted. I am valuable because I am a child of Spirit, not because of anything I do.

3. I let go of the idea that anything in the world of effect has any power in my life. While I do not deny the reality to illness, relationships, money or any other physical thing, I know that those things have no power. Instead, they are caused by the One Power that is God, and therefore they are changeable.

4. I let go of the idea that I should understand, or that I need to understand, in order to be healed. Understanding is cool, and I'm open to it, but the understanding isn't what heals us. Allowing the Divine in is what allows healing to happen, and Spirit is what does the healing. So, if I understand, great. But I can accept healing and wholeness even if I never understand.

5. I let go of the idea that anything I could do is more important than time spent in spiritual practice. No amount of volunteering, service, work, etc. could trump time in prayer and meditation, so that always has to come first.

6. I let go of the idea that any person's opinion is a reflection of my worth, success or value. Living full out means that there will be people who don't dig me, but there will be others that adore me. And none of it will really be about me.

7. I let go of the idea that I have to have a plan. Honestly, as they say, man plans and God laughs. So I have preferences, but I don't have a concrete plan. I'm going to let Spirit show me what's next in 2018.

8. I let go of the idea that I have to earn money. Instead, I claim wealth -- the consciousness of financial abundance. I don't care where it comes from. I'm open to working or not working, creating or not creating, but I know that my good is coming and that all is well.

9. I let go of the idea that more is more, especially in cases where more blocks my order. As Rev. Penny says, without order there can be no grace. So I'm releasing old clothes, piles of paperwork, anything I don't regularly use. I'm reorganizing my house and creating a space of order, ease and flow.

10. I let go of the idea that busy equals important. I choose my activities with care and say no much more often.

11. I let go of the idea that my job is to do anything other than talk to God (pray), listen to God (meditate) and follow Divine inspiration (do what God says). That's it. No more, no less.

I know for you all a love-filled, deeply-blessed 2018.

Much love,


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