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My Report Card on Personal Accountability

"What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence."

~ Samuel Johnson

I'm a hard worker by nature. I take great pride in turning in work on time and under budget. Integrity has never been an issue for me, as I am more likely to eat my own foot as to not finish an assignment to the agreed-upon specs. Lately, however, I'm noticing the shadow of this trait looming a bit large. It seems that the integrity I so pride myself upon does not always extend to me. The things I know I must do to be well, happy and at ease are often the first to go when the schedule becomes overcrowded with wonderful projects and fabulous ideas. The well-planned rest gets bumped. The days off get scheduled over. The time alone fills with meetings. It looks like, if I want to be at ease in my own life, I need to be a little more diligent about personal accountability.

Maybe I need to give myself a weekly report card. There's not much in this world that I wouldn't do for an A! (I'm only kidding a little bit, here...) I can just see it now:

Lezli Goodwin, Year 19. (That's a lot of school, guys.)

Subject: Resting Enough Grade: C Notes: Writing curriculum is not resting, no matter how many times you tell your husband that you think it's fun.

Subject: Time Off Grade: D Notes: Leaving yourself only two free hours on what is supposed to be your day off sucks, and you should do better.

Subject: Time with People Who Recharge You Grade: D Notes: Do you even remember the last time you were in the same room with your best friend? The friend that repeatedly texted you "Heeelllllloooooo???" this week?

(Notice, I didn't give myself an F in any subjects because that would FREAK ME OUT!)

I commit, here and now, to more personal accountability for the health and safety of my body and soul. I encourage you to join me. Who's in? Let's put ourselves on the list of people we take care of.

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