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Secure Steps

"Any anxious thought as to the means to be employed in the accomplishment of our purposes is quite unnecessary. If the end is already secured, then it follows that all the steps leading to it are secured also."

Thomas Troward

Ah, I breathe that in... any anxious thought is unnecessary. Of course, it is! Of course, every step leading to perfect Divine outcome is completely supported and secured by The One. I know this, and yet I sometimes find myself caught up in the stress of the doing-ness of life.

It can be a busy business, this inspired living thing we've committed ourselves to. There are always more people to help, more essays to write, more classes to take, more spiritual practices to engage in. When a vocation is close to our heart, when we are deeply dedicated, the expectations we have of ourselves can really stack up. And yet, as Judge Troward reminds us, every step is in the hands of God. We can't screw it up, because we are guided powerfully by our Creator Source. Even when we seem to stumble, we are caught and uprighted by Grace every time, no matter what.

I lean into that knowingness, so profoundly thankful for the unending and everpresent love and support of The Beloved. Because I know It is there, I am brave enough to try new things. Because I know It supports me, I am couragous enough to risk public failure in search of the greatest good. Because I know It loves me, I know that I am always enough, just as I am. And so are you.

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