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What It Doesn't Mean

So, here’s the truth. The Highest God and the Innermost God are One God. And right now, just as you are and just as you are not, you are whole, perfect and complete.

Take a breath.

This means that within you is the Divine seeding of everything you could ever need or ever want to be, living within your very DNA. What this does NOT mean is that it is okay for you to act in any way you choose. What it does not mean is that you are living up to the Divine potential that is contained within you. What it does not mean is that it is acceptable for you to continue behaviors and thoughts and patterns that are hurtful to you, or to anyone else.

You see, having the Divine patterning of the Highest within you does not make you God itself. In order to receive the highest of the Divine, we must pattern ourselves after the Divine. And we have everything within us in order to make that something that is doable. But we must do it in order to receive it. We must accept the truth about ourselves, which is that there is absolutely no reason for us to have less than spectacular lives, and stop creating situations that hold us back from our Goodness. How do we create these situations? By living a life that’s out of alignment. By choosing not to live up to the highest and best of who we are, and not be love and grace and harmony in the world.

Yes, we are whole, perfect and complete exactly as we are, which means there is nothing missing in us, and nothing broken. There are no excuses left for us to rely on to keep us from living the life we say we want. When we say that the Highest God and the Innermost God is One God, what we’re saying is you don’t have to rely on something that is distant and beg that remote God for some grace. But you do have to earn it, and the way you earn it is by living a life that is in alignment with the highest part of yourself. And then we get to experience the Kingdom of God, right here, right now. That Higher Power that we speak of is higher because it is ALWAYS in alignment with Principle. It is creative in its totality. We have that seed of Divinity within us, but we have to use it. Simply letting it sit there doesn’t get us anything, doesn’t make us anything. So don’t use the Principles of Science of Mind to be complacent. Don’t use this teaching as an excuse to not have to move forward with being the best possible version of yourself. The best version of yourself can change the world. The best version of yourself is magnificent. The world needs it, or you would not have been created just exactly as you are. As we let go of all the things that are not the truth of ourselves, as we let go of the bitterness and the pettiness and the woundedness, what is left is that Innermost Divine God. What is left is a life that is beautiful and powerful and worth striving for.

And so it is.

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