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The World is Changed by Example

"The world is changed by your example, not your opinion." Paulo Coelho

I'm a talker by nature. I love to explain and elucidate, tell stories and share my thoughts. With all I've learned over the past ten years, things about the nature of the Divine and my place in the infinitude of the Universe, I've enjoyed talking about it. Whether in front of classes, in the pulpit or with friends, I've talked more than my fair share. I've listened, too, of course. But, unchecked, we tend to fall back onto our nature.

Lately, I've been creating classes about teaching spirituality to adult learners for our Science of Mind faculty at our spiritual center. And I've been reminded of something I learned a long, long time ago. People don't learn a whole lot from what you tell them. They learn from seeing lives that work. They learn from participation in their own development. They learn from example. I certainly did.

I was blessed by the example of wonderful people who live spiritual Principle. Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano, Rev. Kathryn McDowell, Rev. Karen Russo, Rev. Penny Macek and so many other powerful, loving people showed me what a life lived in light could be. Look around. Pay attention to the lives of those around you whose lives are working beautifully. Lean in to the of power, grace and love. Let that be your example.

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