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On Sabbatical

"If in your mind it was possible to take a year's sabbatical from work to reassess your life, what would you do and where would you go?" David Whyte

I am on sabbatical. I quit my job, announced that I'm taking a break and functionally locked myself in my house. Why, you ask? I had caught myself beginning a few too many questions with, "In a perfect world, I would..." or, "When I have time, I'd love to..." I found myself thinking of Practitioner work and spiritual practice and important creative projects as something I fit in around my "real job". So, I quit. And now I'm giving myself the deeply luxurious gift of time -- time to figure out what my true priorities are, time to commune with Spirit and re-receive the Call, time to remember who I really am.

What would YOU do with the gift of time? What would you love to give a higher priority in your life? What's bubbling up in you? Let's have a chat about it now!

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