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Ground Zero

When I am struggling, when I feel a lapse of faith, I like to go back to the very basics. I always ask myself one question: “What do I know for sure?” What is the one thing that I can completely rely on, no matter what? What is Ground Zero of my belief system? And I always have the same answer: God is all there is.

Think about that for a second. God is all that there is. Everything is made up of God-stuff. It is the building block of Life itself. And there is nothing that is not God, nothing outside of God, nothing separate from It. The Goodness that we call the Divine is everywhere present, all the time, and yet we cannot see it. We are told that God is not a man with a beard in the sky. So what is God? How do we know It’s there? How does an invisible, energetic deity show up for us? It shows up AS us! The way God expresses itself is through its own creation, through us. We are each a place where the consciousness of God is expressed.

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes said, “We are all thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centers of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something... call it what you will.” The Divine is everywhere we are, because it is what we are. We are each individual centers of God consciousness. We are, literally, the creations of the Divine creating more Divinity. Every thought we each have, every idea we develop, everything we do is an expression of Divine abundance and creativity.

I experience the creativity of the One in everything I do, but it’s so apparent to me each time I sit down to write a song. The grace and the beauty of the Creator make themselves known through my creation. Sure, I put my hands to the piano, and my pen to paper. But the truth is, I don’t really write any of it. It simply pours through me, showing up as if out of nowhere, as if out of everywhere. One minute I’m taking a lovely bath, up to my chin in bubbles and relaxation, and the next moment I’m scrambling for a paper and pen to record the lyrics flowing out of me. It’s a magical experience, but it’s also the most natural thing in the world. This need God has to create more of itself out of itself shows up as my passion for beauty, for poetry, for music. It shows up as my desire to express my love for God in my own unique way.

God is all there is, and I am here. We are here. We are made in the likeness and image of our Creator. “We are surrounded by It, immersed in It.” The creativity of God is simply what we are.

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