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Softening. Softening. Softening. This has been my mantra for many months now. I say it to myself quietly when my joints hurt and I feel like my body is rebelling. I try to soften into the moment and cease resisting, so the pain can subside. I say it to myself when I find my mind wrestling my heart in righteous indignation and finger pointing. As my ego shouts accusations and throws temper tantrums, my higher wisdom self is whispering "Soften, sweetness. Soften."

I'm a strong woman, and sometimes I confuse strong with hard. I'm a woman of Principle, but I don't have to let that make me rigid. I can stand firm in my knowingness while still allowing myself to roll with the tides and flow with the changing winds of life. I soften into allowing for multiple right ways to do things. I soften into accepting people as they are, right here and right now. I soften into accepting and loving myself, whatever I look or feel like today. And I soften into the recognition that this softness does not mean I am not still strongly seeking the highest and best for myself and for us all.

Where in your life are you seeking to soften? How do you call yourself to this practice?

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